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Dan Monji Garden Guru

Dan Monji, the originator and weekly host of "The Garden Party," has deep roots in the world of gardening and landscape design. As the president and senior designer of Monji Enterprises, Monji leads this second-generation landscaping business, providing a "total environmental experience" to residential and commercial clients throughout the United States.

Started in 1953 by the late Fred Monji, the business intitally began as a gardening business. In 1956 Dan's father upgraded the business to include landscaping, and from there, it grew. Today, the firm ranks in the top 100 in the country with over $3 million in sales.

But Monji's expertise doesn't stop at the flower beds. Diversification is what has helped his business continue to blossom. Monji educates his clients and weekly radio listeners as to how to create the "total outdoor experience" with advice for landscaping, pools, patios, waterfalls and streams. Monji shares his expertise with listeners every week, so they can transform their yards into their own, personal oasis.

"The growth of this show has been incredible," says Monji. "I think listeners tune-in weekly because it's an atypical talk's totally different from any show out there. After ten years, we still have fun and entertain while getting tons of really valuable information out to our listeners."
Jere White King of Green

For solutions to plant growing problems, Jere White has no equal. With a Masters degree from Stanford University, White has the technical experience to diagnose and solve most disease, insect and growing problems. With over 25 years experience in the nursery industry, White has the practical experience to provide the needed information to make everyone's gardening experience a success.

As President of White Forest Nursery Inc., Jere and his wife Rita have continued the business started by his parents in 1964. The nursery, a leader in the industry, deals with one of the widest selections of plant material in the world. Located in central California, the climate is warm enough to grow most tropical plants, but enough winter chill to grow plants that typically grow in very cold winter areas. This unique situation has allowed White to have first hand knowledge of the plants that are grown throughout the U.S.

"Changes in the plant industry have been significant in the last 10 years," says White. "The introduction of new varieties of perennials and shrubs from around the world has changed our role to that of educators to provide the information necessary to make gardening a successful and enjoyable experience. Our aim is to turn brown thumbs into green thumbs.

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