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  Bulb Planting Time
  October 5th, 2006

Plant Now for a Riotous Array of Color This Spring

Plant several types of fall bulbs in one container for extended bloom. Try ranunculus, anemones, freesias and daffodils. These are all very reliable long bloomers.

Make sure that there are drainage holes, and add a layer of material to aid quick drainage, such as broken pots or pieces of chipped bark (normally sold for mulching).

Add enough potting soil to cover the bottom couple of centimeters (about an inch). As the bulbs do not need a lot of nutrients during the winter, you can often use some of the potting mixture previously used for summer bedding.

You can pack in more bulbs by planting in layers. Place large bulbs such as daffodils or tulips at the lower level.

Add more potting soil, and then position the smaller bulbs, such as crocuses and scillas. Try to position them so that they lie between the larger bulbs. Be careful about the bulbs that you mix – small crocuses will be swamped by tall daffodils, so choose miniature or dwarf daffodils, to keep a suitable balance.

Top up with more potting soil, but leave about an inch of space at the top for watering and perhaps for decorative mulch. As the window box will look bare for some months, a few winter pansies will add a touch of interest. Don’t worry about the bulbs beneath – they will find their way through the pansies

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