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  Are You Borered?
  July 29th, 2006

Your Fruit Trees May Be!

The peach tree borer (Synanthedon exitiosa) can be major pest for both professional fruit growers and home gardeners. And these pests are not picky or limited in their tastes; peach tree borers will go after any fruit with a stone, namely cherry, plum, prune, nectarine, and apricot.

Borers chew on the inner bark of trees, but over winter as larvae under the soil at the base of the host tree. The larvae pupate in the trunk of the tree, and usually begin to emerge as adults in May to June.

Adult emergence and egg-laying takes place from May through September, peaking during August. The adult peach tree borer is a clearwing moth, steel blue with yellow or orange markings. The moths are day fliers and can easily be mistaken for wasps.

To prevent infestation, use latex paint on the trunk of the tree to prevent penetration of the cambium layer. If you see nodules of sap running out of the trunk or branches of you trees, this is a sign for you to begin running. Do not delay, your tree may die. The best product to cure the tree is Bonide Borer and Leaf Miner Spray. We find that a spring application in late April to Early May and a summer application in late July or early August work best.

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