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  BBQ Time
  June 17th, 2006

Prepare the Yard to Enjoy the Outdoors!

Memorial Day marked the official start of barbeque season! Are your yard and garden in shape for your family and guests? It’s still not too late to take some steps that will help your garden look not only presentable, but terrific.

Besides a thorough clean-up removing weeds, piled-up debris and unwanted stuff… make sure all shrubs get a light pruning. Now, survey your garden and focus on empty spaces between shrubs. Fill in these spots with additional shrubs of the same variety or add lilies such as agapanthus or calla lilies. They are full and blooming now and blend in well with most leafy shrubs. Next, add color if space permits; plant borders of summer annuals such as petunias, marigolds, lobelias and salvia.

If you have limited space, pots of annuals placed strategically in dining areas and around the patio or pool make a huge difference, even more so if you feature a focal plant in the center of the pots such as ornamental theme roses (always in bloom during the summer), ornamental grasses, flax or palms.

Add a soil covering, such as compost or shredded bark, to empty soil spaces. Fertilize monthly and use a good soil amendment in the ground. Use a potting soil for your containers (never use garden soil in containers). Water regularly and protect your new plants from snails and cutworms with combination slug, snail and insect baits. For a finishing touch add a garden accessory such as a sheperds hook with a blooming hanging basket, a metal trellis, or even a decorative plant stake. Now your garden is ready to welcome the 2006 barbeque season…. Bon Appetit!

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