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  The Wonderful Calla Lilly
  April 1st, 2006

Easy to Grow Amost Anywhere

One of the most beautiful of all flowers, Calla lilies originally came from the West Indies and South America. They are a favorite of florists and those who like to plant a cutting bed, as they make excellent cut flowers. The dwarf varieties look great in containers. The larger varieties can put on quite a show planted as a focal point behind lower-growing flowers, or massed to create a large color grouping.

They prefer filtered sun to partial shade, with a moist, fertile, well-draining soil. They are a good choice for a damp spot in the yard where plants used to drier conditions are overwatered, but they don’t like standing water. Make sure they don’t dry out while they are blooming.

After blooming has finished, don’t cut the healthy foliage off, it will gather energy and nutrients to store for the next blooming season. Leaves may be removed when they yellow.

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