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  To Grow a Fuchsia or Not to Grow, That is The Question.
  March 17th, 2006

Yes, Fuchsias can be a bit difficult to grow, But they sure are Beautiful

There is nothing more rewarding that a basket full of beautiful fuchsias in bloom. The wonderful little parasols almost never stop flowering…. when they are happy.

Give these beauties good bright light, but not hot direct sun. They like a moist shady area, with good air movement. The old back porch covered by a large shade tree seems to meet the need very well. If you happen to be in a climate that is hot and dry, do not despair, you can still grow a fuchsia if you give it the proper spot.

Start by locating a spot that has bright early morning sun or filtered light. Use a good quality, well drained potting soil to plant into the ground or container. The trick is to provide that moisture and humidity. In the ground, this can be achieved by covering the ground with a 2″ to 3″ thick layer of compost in a circle 3′ around the plant. Take care to not cover the stem of the fuchsia with more than 1/4″ of the compost. Any more, and you risk a fungus attack that can quickly kill your prized plant.

In containers, you can create a humid environment by taking a 12″ or larger saucer and filling it half way with pebbles. Add water about half way up the side of the saucer. Now place the fuchsia pot on top of the rock. You will find that the plant will love you for this. You will be rewarded will a beautiful bloom for several months to come.

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