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  Planting for the Holidays
  December 4th, 2004

A basket of blooming narcissus is the perfect gift for anyone including teachers, coworkers, friends or family.

To make your own narcissus basket you will need premium bulbs of paper-whites, Chinese sacred lilies, Grand Soleil d’Or, or germanium narcissus.

  • Choose a suitable flat basket (about 6-9 inches in diameter and 3-4 inches high).
  • Line the basket with a circle of heavy-gauge (4 millimeter) plastic sheeting and cut to fit. (You may also line the basket with any shallow container with no drainage holes.)
  • Fill the plastic (or container) halfway to the top with pebbles or gravel.
  • Add 6-8 bulbs, with the pointed side up and with their sides touching.
  • Fill in with more pebbles to hold them upright.
  • Cover the pebbles with sphagnum moss (optional).
  • Add water to the base of the bulbs.
  • Continue to water as necessary to keep the water at that level.
  • Cover the basket with an upside-down cardboard box.
  • Place in a cool spot for one and a half weeks or until sprouts are 3-4 inches tall.
  • Uncover the basket and place it in a sunny window until the flowers open.
  • Turn it daily for even growth.
    Enjoy the narcissus basket in the house during winter or give it as a gift!

    Allow six weeks for fully open flowers. Discard the bulbs after flowers fade. Bulbs forced in water cannot be reused.

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