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  What if I can not grow a lawn?
  June 2nd, 2005

Lawn substitutes for those problem areas.

For Shade:

Campanula: Spreads quickly and is beautiful to behold.

Vinca Minor: Best choice for dry soil; has periwinkle blue flowers

Pachysandra: Spreads quickly through underground runners but is not invasive; thrives in acid soil

Lily Turf: Ideal for use around ponds and the edge of streams; best with well drained soil and light feeding.

Baby Tears: An evergreen, emerald-green creeping ground cover with tiny leaves. It is a soft, velvet-like carpet growing 2.5cm (1″) high. This must be kept moist.

Sword Fern: A tough fern that tolerates some sun and looks good through winter. This can look more like a shrub than a ground cover

Hostas: Lush yet elegant appearance; dozens of varieties and easy care make hostas a popular choice for shade. This can look more like a shrub than a ground cover.


For Sun:

Rockrose: Attractive grey-green foliage and long bloom period. A fire resistant favorite in California, rockrose tolerates salt spray, ocean winds and desert heat.

Thyme: Thyme is low growing and rugged. It requires a minimum in watering, loves loose sandy soil and as an added bonus, it blooms. Most low growing varieties, under 2 inches, take light foot traffic and therefore are great between stepping stones in those sunny warm areas.

Sedum:This is a large group of hardy and tender succulent annuals and perennials. Sedums are very easy to propagate as almost any tiny leaf or piece of stem that touches the ground will root.

Trailing Gazania: 12″ high perennial from South Africa. It is a perennial that flowers in the summer and requires little water.

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