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  Think Native
  March 26th, 2005

Native Plants can be the Best Choice

Over hundreds of thousands of years our native plants have adapted to the very conditions that exotic plants must overcome with fertilizer, water and constant care. It makes so much sense if you think about it: They live here!

Native plants have adapted to the unique climatic conditions of their area and, once established, they require little or no supplemental irrigation or fertilization. When we grow plants found in our resident plant community, we use far less water than in traditional garden landscapes. Using native plants in our gardens conserves resources and saves money – as well as saving us a lot of work!

Before choosing which natives you want to grow, first assess your garden’s conditions. Is it shaded by tall trees or the side of the house? Is it in an area with no shade at all? What are the soil conditions? Choose plants that are most at home in those conditions.

Remember, native plants are not used to the regular watering that most of our ornamentals prefer. Make sure you place these plants in an area that drains very well and is not hit by daily watering.

There is a large variety of natives that have been selected for more desirable traits. They may have larger blooms, a more compact habit, or more attractive foliage. So look around…don’t be afraid to GO NATIVE.

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