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  Get A Bucket of Fall Beauty From An Old Bucket!
  November 1st, 2004

autumn leaves

When your old metal mop bucket has come to the end of its days with age and leaks, recycle it into a beautiful and whimsical Fall Planter.

Here’s What You Need:

  1. Old Mop Bucket (Milk Churn, Saucepans, Fish Kettle, or Soup Pot also work well)
  2. Electric Drill
  3. Pebbles, or Broken Pottery Chips
  4. Kellogg’s Potting Soil
  5. Ornamental Corn, Wheat Stalks, Miniature Scarecrow Pick, Mini Pumpkins, or Gourds
  6. Plants For Sun or Shade
Plants For a Sun Bucket

  • Mums (Tall)
  • Purple Angelonia (Tall)
  • Sonnet Snapdragons (Med.)
  • Dwarf Rudbeckia (Med.)
  • Sweet Alyssum (Trailing)
  • Osteospermum Orange or Lemon Symphony (Trailing)
Plants For a Shade Bucket

  • Kalanchoe (Tall)
  • Cyclamen (Whites & Purples) (Med.)
  • Primerose Yellow, Orange or Red (Med)
  • Variegated Ivy (Trailing)
  • Bacopa (Trailing)

Drill drain holes in the bottom of the bucket. Place pebbles or pottery chips in the base for drainage. Add a potting mix, such as Kellogg’s Potting Soil, to within 2″ of the top of the bucket.

Plant taller flowers (see parenthesis above) in the middle or toward the back. Add medium sized plants around the taller flowers. Then add the trailing plants around the edges. Fertilize with Dr. Earth Rose and Flower Fertilizer and place in the sun or shade. Add a tiny pumpkin or gourd along the edge and place small wheat stalks in the soil. For even more whimsy, add a welcoming mini-scarecrow to the center.

These buckets will give you long lasting color right up to Thanksgiving. You can even bring them indoors (for one day) to help “autumnize” your Holiday decorating!

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