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  Curb Appeal
  September 7th, 2007

You Have Only One Chance to Create That First Impression

As more homeowners re-landscape gardens, there is an increasing desire for something out of the ordinary. This is a direct departure form the traditional foundation shrubs that came to be the standard look in most front yards of the 70’s and 80’s.

It’s important to realize that an entryway garden is normally the first impression that your visitors will have of your home. Rather than blind them with multiple colors of blooms or boring them with a sea of plain green foliage, consider something more elegant, understated and inviting.

This can be accomplished by using shrubs and perennials with white flowers or that bloom in the neutral or pastel color range, such as pale blue or yellow, light pink or lavender shades. Sticking with these color options makes designing an entryway garden simple since one doesn’t need to worry about clashing colors.

At you local nursery you can find an excellent selection of plants that will make any front yard the talk of the neighborhood. Most of these plants will make a greater impact when planting in groups of three or more.

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