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  Dormant Spray
  February 5th, 2005

Time to Apply Dormant Spray
This time of year, many trees and shrubs are tucked away for their winter sleep. The great thing about the winter hibernation is that most of the bugs are taking a nap as well. But rest assured, they will be back next spring if you do not take care of them now. Dormant spray is one of the most effective ways to prevent problems for next year. A combination spray of Horticultural Spray Oil to suffocate the bugs, and a copper or sulfur spray to eliminate the fungus, will stop those over-wintering pests where they are sleeping allowing you to enjoy a pest free spring. So if you had aphids or white flies bugging you last summer, or the mildew fungus was among us last spring, apply the dormant spray now before it’s too late.

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