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  Rose Types
  January 29th, 2005

Rose Types

Hybrid teas are the most popular garden roses. They usually produce one flower per stem, on plants from 2-6 feet high. Grandifloras are bigger and taller, sometimes 8-10 feet high. Floribundas produce quantities of flowers in clusters on bushy plants usually shorter than hybrid teas. Polyanthas have smaller flowers than floribundas, carried in larger bunches on many canes.

Climbing roses come in several types. Some, such as climbing sports (mutations exactly like the parent except for growth habit) of hybrid teas, are everblooming. Many old-fashioned climbing types bloom mainly in spring. Climbing roses send up long bendy canes that usually don’t end with a flower bud like standard roses; most of the flowers occur on side shoots that spring from the canes. Some types of climbers can be used as ground covers, and some can be grown as large free-standing shrubs, but most need support such as a fence or an arbor.

Pillar roses are similar to climbing roses. They have tall canes that are less bendy than those of climbing roses. They can be trained straight up a post or pillar or the corner of your house and will bloom all the way from the ground to the tops of their canes.

Miniature roses are natural dwarf versions of all the above types of rose. The only difference is that their canes, stems, flowers, and leaves are scaled down in size. There are other types of roses, including many fine old-fashioned varieties, although hybrid teas are still the local favorite: floribundas, climbers, and old-fashioned roses and modern shrub roses (those with a more graceful shape than the stiff hybrid tea rose bush) are disease resistant and easy to grow.

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