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  Living Christmas Trees
  November 24th, 2006

Time to Pick Your Favorite!

Choosing a Tree:

Living trees are becoming more popular each year. Many people don’t like the idea of either a cut tree or an artificial tree. A living tree that can be planted after the holidays is a great choice for many people.

When choosing a living tree, be sure to choose one that will grow well for you. Keep in mind your own soil conditions and the area where you will be planting the tree. Ask your local nursery and they will be happy to help you find one that will thrive for you!

Caring for a Live Tree:

Move the tree inside gradually to acclimate it to the warmer indoor air. While it is acclimating, spray it with an anti-dessicant spray such as Water In, to help slow water loss.

Water it often enough (indoors or out) to keep the roots moist but not soggy — root-rot will harm a tree as much as letting it get dried out. Try using ice cubes when your tree needs water; they melt slowly and you will reduce the chance of having a carpet soiled because of water overflow, as well as helping to keep the roots cool.

Before putting the tree inside, brush it off to get rid of any dead needles and dirt.

Place the tree, if potted, on a saucer or put it in a galvanized bucket or other container to keep water from getting on the floor.

Try to display the tree in a cooler part of a room, away from heat and dryness sources such as direct sunlight or vents.

A living tree should not be kept inside much longer than a week, so try to watch your timing. While it is inside it will probably need a bit more water, so check it regularly.

When you move it back outside, re-acclimate it to the outdoors by repeating the entry acclimation in reverse.

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