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  November 10th, 2006

Plant Now for Winter-Long Bloom!

Nothing is more beautiful in the garden than a large display of cyclamen. They are among the best winter-blooming plants. You can use them in pots on tables, by the front door, or planted in a nice shady spot outdoors. And they’re great for atriums.

A few notes on growing cyclamen:

• Try to keep water away from the crown area (they can get crown rot).
• Do not bury them too deep – keep the top of the tuber just slightly above the soil line.
• Keep your plants well fed; feed every couple of weeks while they are in full leaf.
• Pull out the stems that have gone to seed. (Hint! The seeds are hard, the new buds are soft. They look very much alike so this is an important little fact.)
• Pick a few flowers to go into a bud vase. They are lovely and last quite well.
• As the flowers begin to fade, gradually allow the plant to dry out for 2-3 months; don’t feed during this time.
• Resume feeding when new growth appears.


• Cyclamen like cool weather (that’s why they make great winter-bloomers). That means outdoors in a shady to semi-shady spot. If you have a spot that is full shade in summer and gets more light in winter, that is ideal.
• Make sure they are planted in a well-draining area.
• They like cool weather – but not cold. Some are more hardy than others, but most need some protection against cold.


• Pick a cool spot. Make sure they have good air circulation – but keep out of cold drafts and hot, dry air.
• High humidity, especially during winter, is very important. Try putting the cyclamen on a tray of water with a layer of pebbles form a shelf for pot to sit on. Don’t put the cyclamen itself in the water. You want humidity around the plant, not soggy soil.
• Let the cyclamen have plenty of light in winter – sunburn is rarely a problem. In summer keep it in indirect light.
• Repot when the tuber fills the existing pot; it’s best to repot it while it’s dormant. Use a pot just a little larger than the old pot.

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