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The Green As It Gets line contains great products that work. These are available at many fine nurseries and garden centers.

Penmax soil penetrant.
  Opens up the pores of the soil to greatly improve drainage.

Liquid Jip
  Quickly neutralizes alkaline soils and improves drainage

Nutri-pak fertilizer
  A unique deliver system that provides continuous fertilization to trees, plants and shrubs for 3 full years in warm climates and 5 full years in colder climates. This is the easy solution to ensure that your plants get the nutrition needed to be vigorous and healthy. Available in 4 formulations for all plants.

Deep Root Pipes
  These are 3" diameter perforated pipes with a removable cap to provide water and oxygen to the roots of your trees where it is needed. A great help in all soils. A must in compacted soils.

Pilgrims Blend Liquid Fertilizer.
  Exclusive product from the Dogface Shark. This provides all the nutrients needed to make your plants chubby and happy. Has a high good bacteria count to help revitalize your soil as well as a high oil content to make it stick to the plants and soil. This one really works.

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